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villas for sale in New Capital Egypt

villas for sale in new capital Egypt is a huge project by the Egyptian Government that will change the face of villas for sale in new capital Egypt as we know. villas for sale in new capital Egypt will be an alternative to the old downtown to relieve congestion and allow more investment opportunities. villas for sale in new capital Egypt , when finished, will host millions of Egyptians. The New Capital will be a spot where all Egyptians want to live. In Liza, we think 2022 is perfect for real estate investment in the New Capital.

The New Capital is attracting all the Government’s attention and resources thanks to its huge scale. This New Capital will enhance economic development by promoting all types of investments and creating thousands of job opportunities. The City’s residential areas are based on building premium high-end compounds and middle-class housing projects. There will be dozens of real estate projects that present an excellent opportunity for real estate investment.

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The facilities and services of The New Administrative Capital.

Egypt’s New Capital will be one of the largest cities in the world. It presents a large-scale urban community project that is built on a massive area with more than 170,000 acres. 

The City is considered a fourth-generation city built as a smart city. Smart cities use information technology to control all the aspects of the City better. Real estate projects will be a winning bet in the New Administrative Capital.

The City will finance itself from the revenue of other areas being sold and rented by the Government to investors. The surface area of the New Capital is more than the area of Singapore. This reflects how huge this project can be.

villas for sale in New Capital Egypt

The city constructions will be carried in three consecutive phases. We are now in the first phase that is taking place on more than 40,000 acres.

It is expected that the new City will generate a lot of job opportunities in all fields that will combat unemployment among the Egyptian youth.

The City is well planned with wide streets and many green areas, trees, and landscapes. Some roads in the City reach more than 120 meters in width.

The cost of the whole project is estimated to reach more than 40 Billion US dollars which is more than 600 Billion Egyptian Pounds. This cost is one of the highest numbers for a project cost ever. The project’s total duration is estimated to be between 5 and 7 years.

The New Capital’s governmental district is designed to host all the strategic centers of the country. There will be all the ministries, a presidential palace, the parliament, the foreign embassies. The district will also host the Octagon, which is the ministry of defense building. It is built on the same style as The Pentagon in the United States of America.

The New Capital will be a perfect spot for Egyptians to live or start a family in. You will have all the essential services surrounding you, including hospitals, clinics, commercial centers, and malls.

Your children’s education will also be taken care of in The New Capital. The City hosts a group of international schools and international universities that provide the highest education standards.

Entertainment services are also guaranteed in the City. There will be malls with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, international brands for shopping, and more. The City will also host a 90,000 fans football stadium for sporting events. You will also find plenty of gyms and sports clubs for you to keep fit and healthy.

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