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As a Proptech platform, Marassi North Coast we think that North Coast is a great spot these days for real estate investments. The North Coast has dozens of amazing well-planned projects that you can choose from. However, we think the Marassi North Coast is a luxurious project that will suit all your needs.

If you are looking for the best Marassi North Coast apartments for sale, Liza will make this task easy. Let’s start this article by exploring the North Coast as a whole, and then we can dig deeper into some details about Marassi North Coast and how Liza can help you.

Marassi North Coast is a long strip of coasts along the Mediterranean sea. It extends from the governorate of Alexandria in the East up to Marsa Matruh in the west. The total length of the North Coast beaches extends more than 400 kilometers. It is the longest strip of endless beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.

The North Coast has become the first spot where Egyptians have spent their holidays in summer lately. It has many advantages over any other holiday spot in Egypt. It is near Cairo; you can reach the North Coast in less than three hours. It is a perfect spot for short weekend holidays to relax away from Cairo’s busy and polluted atmosphere. The North Coast is a very relaxing spot. It has witnessed a lot of development in the last few years. Many hotels, resorts, and villages have been built.

North Coast entertainment facilities:

All the North Coast tourist villages share a group of characteristics. Most of them focus on presenting satisfactory luxurious residence and entertainment options.

The entertainment options in the North Coast villages include:

  • Many recreational activities are ongoing for the guests. These activities include Gym, Spa, heated pools, Aqua Park, Jacuzzi, and many other entertainment activities.
  • Commercial centers as malls, shops, and fast-food chains are also abundant in the villages. Some villages have more brands than others, including gourmet restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, wedding halls, and more.
  • The North Coast also secures medical services; every village has a medical center for emergencies and an ambulance center that can rapidly transfer any critical patient to the nearest hospital.
  • Many villages offer some entertainment options for children as kids’ pools and kids’ aqua parks, and heated pools. Many pools are equipped with safety measures to protect the children from accidents.
  • For women, some villages host covered pools that allow veiled women to enjoy swimming freely in privacy in the covered pools.

About Marassi North Coast.

Marassi North Coast is located in the center of Sidi Abd El Rahman, among the most premium resorts on the North Coast.

Marassi is set at kilo 125 to Alexandria, only a few kilometers away from Al Alamein International airport.

Marassi North coast hosts a group of variable yet unique units for sale. All the properties meet the standard for luxury that our customers are looking for.

In Marassi North Coast, you can find ground chalets with a variable number of rooms. There are also villas, studios, penthouses, twin houses, townhouses, and hotel apartments. All these properties come in different sizes to provide you with suitable choices.

Marassi North Coast is built and designed to be a beautiful resort with luxurious and high-quality services. The design of Marassi is inspired by many cultures to reflect the lifestyle of many nations, including Tunis, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, and Italy.

The design of Marassi is set to deliver all the expectations and vitality of modern life in its residential and commercial buildings.

How can Liza help you find the best real estate investment opportunities in Marassi North Coast?

Liza is a comprehensive Proptech platform that offers all kinds of properties and opportunities for real estate investment. All the different properties options in the Marassi North Coast can be accessed through Liza. You will find apartments, chalets, villas, twin houses, studios, and a lot more.

The units offered are different in many aspects, and you can explore all the options to choose from. You will find apartments the differ in total surface area, several rooms, level of finishing, price, surrounding services, and the type of compound.

You can sort the available options at Liza to help you choose from these opportunities according to many parameters. This will help you find a suitable property for your needs faster.

When you find a suitable property on Liza that you like to buy or rent, you can use Liza’s chat service to get in touch with the property owner directly. Our chat is encrypted and saves the privacy of your conversations. You will not share any personal contact information throughout the process. You will not find random brokers calling you after getting your number from a similar platform. You will also not receive Whatsapp messages and emails from real estate agents.

Liza will do a great job helping you save a lot of money and time. We can help you save money as Liza will help you for free. However, the broker or other real estate agents take a hefty commission based on the property’s price, which will save you a considerable sum of money.

If you are a property owner or a developer, Liza will help you advertise your property on our platform for a fixed subscription fee that only changes for the duration that the ad will stay up.

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Liza’s Proptech can help you find other investment opportunities throughout Egypt. Explore our blog to discover more about real estate projects in The New Administrative Capital, The New Alamein, and Sokhna.

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