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north coast chalet for rent

The North Coast has become the most famous summer holiday destination in Egypt for both Egyptians and foreign tourists. The North Coast benefits from the beauty and magic of The Mediterranean Sea, which ensures glowing beaches with sparkling clear water and sandy shores.

The North Coast is divided into many resorts in separate villages with different entertainment and residence options. The most famous villages on the North Coast include Marabella, Marassi, Marina, Sidi AbdelRahman, Marakia, and many more.

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Where is exactly the North Coast located?

The North Coast is a long strip that extends all over the Mediterranean coast in Egypt. It is more than 400 km of straight beaches starting from Alexandria in Eastern Egypt and up to Salloum in the west of Egypt.

The North Coast is nearly the longest coast of continuous beaches on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded by Alexandria and Matrouh cities from both sides.

North Coast Facilities and Attractions:

When we look at the North Coast, we realize that it comprises multiple tourist villages that differ in many things. Most of the villages offer numerous entertainment options, and these options include:

  1. Many recreational spots for holidays and fun include Aqua Park, Jacuzzi, the spa, gym, heated pools, and more.
  2. Commercial services are also abundant among the villages, including sports clubs, cafes for gatherings, international brands, fast food international and local chains, and gourmet restaurants.
  3. Medical services are also available, including emergency medical centers, clinics, pharmacies, and ambulance facilities for critical patients transportation.
  4. Many villages are well equipped for children’s areas as children swimming pools and aqua parks with safety measures.
  5. There are also many private areas, such as covered swimming pools for women.

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