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Mountain View City in Fifth Settlement

What Is Mountain View City Compound in New Cairo?

It is a residential project that offers a unique type of units in Egypt, as it offers units with a high standard of design and finishing. The design in Mountain View Compound, in the Fifth Settlement, was created based off of American and Greek architectural influences, carried out in a modern yet classic style. This provides the residents of Mountain View with an incomparable community and a very beautiful view, that cannot not be found anywhere else in the region. Liza will take you on a tour to show you the advantages of living in Mountain View, New Cairo.

Mountain View City Compound in New Cairo.

Mountain View City in Fifth Settlement

There are many units of different architectural forms in the compound named Mountain View City in Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, whether apartments, villas, twin houses, or administrative spaces.

Green spaces occupy a large area of the project, which gives psychological comfort and clean air away from the air pollution found in Greater Cairo.

Therefore, it was thought of in a different way, as the project is a partnership between 3 other companies, the first of whom is Mountain View.

It is worth noting that the other partner is the state represented by the Urban Communities Authority and a foreign investor. The investment in the project has reached very large sums.

The idea of Mountain View City in the Fifth Settlement, is to provide a comfortable and quiet environment, which is an entirely different experience from any other place, as it was designed in a way that helps prosperity, comfort, and tranquility.

The compound was also designed to have the least number of roads, and this problem was solved by making many gates, where the residents have to enter the gate corresponding to the area where their units are located and exit through the same gate.

This saves a lot of time and reduces the presence of cars inside the city, as it will not be necessary to cross the entire city to exit or enter.

This helps to take advantage of the city to its full capacity, by creating more green spaces and walking paths for residents to practice running and cycling, and to explore the space in Mountain View’s wide landscape.

The idea of the Mountain View City project came to be in efforts to bring together a group of people of different income levels in a peaceful, quiet and self-sufficient town.

Each person involved in creating this astounding project were asked to point out what they wish to find in the city of their dreams. This specific project covers an area of 500 acres and is expected to house 50 thousand people.

The Compound Mountain View City Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its unique and distinctive location in Cairo, and it consists of four different levels of elevation, in addition to a pedestrian corniche, which links the entire project together, making it easy for residents to reach anywhere by foot in the compound.

Mountain view consists of many beautiful gardens and very professionally designed car parks. Not only that, but there are also beautifully crafted wooden houses surrounded by lots of green areas.

Mountain View City embodies new architectural styles that simulate the life of the mountains surrounded by lots of trees, green nature, and some wonderfully designed waterfalls.

Initially, the Mountain View Compound in the Fifth Settlement, was excavated in more than 1.5 million cubic meters until it reached the appropriate level for implementation.

The first level of units was difficult, but it was carried out in a professional manner according to international standards.

Prices in Mountain View City Compound, New Cairo.

Mountain View City in Fifth Settlement

If you want to buy an apartment or villa for sale in the Fifth Settlement at an ideal price, excellent facilities, and a guaranteed location. Mountain View City is surely recommended, as it has units at different prices that range between:

Apartments for sale in Mountain View City Compound start from 1,930,000 EGP.

Villas for sale in Mountain View with a space of 190 m², prices start from 3,705,000 EGP.

Park Villa Mountain View iCity with space of 210 square meters, prices start from 3,868,083 EGP.

Mountain View townhouses with an area of 205 m² with prices starting from 6,450,000 EGP.

The prices of twin houses with an area of 290 meters are at 10,510,000 EGP.

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