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Egyptian Proptech real estate

Liza is an Egyptian Proptech platform that offers all kinds of real estate opportunities. In the last few years, Egypt has been on the road to a real estate revolution. The government has been working hard to create multiple urban communities and a large number of new cities to control the immense population increase. These cities also serve as a chance for employment for many Egyptian and foreign individuals. Some of these cities, such as The New Alamein City, are tourist hotspots (for both locals and foreigners) that are bound to be some of the best holiday spots in the world. This real estate revolution is actually creating a lot of change in many other fields such as the industrial and tourism and hospitality fields.

Egyptian Proptech real estate

Liza is here to help you get the most benefits from the opportunities currently available in the market. We work hard to connect our clients with the best available real estate opportunities that would cater to every single need. We offer all kinds of real estate opportunities and properties in many locations all over Egypt.

At Liza, we offer listings of all kinds of properties such as houses, apartments, villas, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin-houses and more. These properties differ from each other in many aspects. This includes different surface areas, number of rooms, locations, finishing standard, date of project finalization, number of property stories, price, payment plans, installment systems and more.

Liza will help you find the best options within your budget range. We have different prices with different payment plans. You can pay the value of the property over a number of years in installments and with minimal or no down payment at all.

You can also rearrange the available properties according to a number of parameters such as price, built-up area and location. This will help you find what you need faster and easier.

When you find a property listing on Liza that suits your needs, you can immediately get in touch with the owner of the property directly through Liza’s chat. As an Egyptian Proptech we have implemented the highest standards of security and encryption. Our chat is an encrypted service where no one has access to your data. You can safely inquire from the property owner about all the details, without having to worry about your information security and privacy.

We will never share your personal contact information publicly, so you do not find uninvited brokers calling you unexpectedly after getting your number from our platform. Say goodbye to bothersome Whatsapp messages and emails from real estate agencies with unsuitable offers. 

Liza is a private and safe way to find amazing real estate opportunities without the promotional purposes.

We will help you save money, as using Liza to buy or rent a property is completely free. We do not charge you based on these transactions, unlike the traditional commission methods used by brokers. Brokers charge you a lot of money, as their fees are calculated based on the value of the property. So, Liza will save you a huge sum of money as it is entirely free for potential buyers. 

Liza will also save you a lot of time and effort. Our set of choices are comprehensive and cover all the available properties in the country. So, you will not need any further browsing in other platforms or websites. You will find what you need faster and easier through Liza. Our mission is to make your life easier while maintaining privacy and integrity.

How Can Liza Help You As A Property Owner Or A Real Estate Developer?

Egyptian Proptech real estate

Our Egyptian Proptech platform benefits both buyers and sellers of properties. As a property owner you need to find the right client type for your unit. This is important to get the best price and earn more in investment return, so you need to find a potential buyer who can truly appreciate the property.

Liza’s business model will save you a lot of time and money. We do not charge you as regular brokers unlike other agencies. We only charge fixed subscription fees. Our fees are reasonable and competitive, and do not change according to the value of your property. The fees only change according to the duration of the property advertisement on Liza. You will pay more only if you want your advertisement to be on the top of the platform and for a longer length of time. It is still a small amount of money compared to the standard commission fee.

Liza’s services are potent and active. We will get you the suitable clients for your properties faster and more effectively, and without the need for third parties.

To have a successful advertisement, you don’t need much. You simply need to know all the basic information about your property to create a good listing, as well as some good pictures to make the advertisement more potent.

If you have a problem with listing your property, Liza will help you with our amazing customer service. If you are not well-adjusted with some technology, we can send an agent from our platform to help you with the listing process. 

Liza’s services include a great press sector. You will find dozens of articles about our platform and opportunities in different cities in Egypt. You will find a thorough explanation for all the new cities and all the real estate opportunities. 

Liza’s commitment towards client security is not just a title. We have worked very hard to gain the ISO 9001, and the ISO 27001 for both quality control and online internet data security. Liza’s services are certified to be secure and highly efficient.

Liza’s founders have more than 25 years of experience in real estate investment in Egypt. You can rest assured that your best interests will be met.

There are a lot of great spots in Egypt for real estate investment, that you can benefit from by receiving a return on your investment. The New Capital is the most important project in Egypt nowadays. It will be an international city with millions of residents and thousands of job opportunities. It is a great spot for real estate investment in 2022. There are tons of opportunities including residential and commercial properties.

You can also explore other cities in Egypt too. Explore our platform to find more about opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein and the 6th of October.

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