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About Ain Sukhna  

Ain Sokhna Properties
Ain Sokhna Properties

Ain Sukhna is a beautiful beach city on the Red Sea Coast, Sokhna consists of different beach-front compounds that vary in prices, space and location. Ain Al Sokhna is equipped with all facilities and activities for you and your family. 

Sokhna extends for multiple kilometers on the Suez Gulf, it is located only an hour and a half hour from Cairo by car, connected by Ain Sokhna Road for 120 km, and is 55 Km away from Suez city.  

More about Ain Al Sokhna Facilities and Attractions 

Ain Sokhna Properties
Ain Sokhna Properties

The Red Sea makes the weather and water in Sokhna warm all year round; making it a great holiday spot in summer or winter. Beaches are clean; sandy; and the water is lively with different kinds of fish, and all water related activities are available in Sokhna. 

Buying an apartment in Sukhna is usually a good idea as the property’s value is continuously increasing. Sokhna real estate represents a great opportunity even if you don’t ever sell. you can rent the property as a continuous source of income throughout the year when you are not making use of the property yourself.  

Ain Sokhna has multiple hotels with high-end services such as Tulip Resort El Galala Majestic, Porto El Jabal Hotel, Elite Residence and Aquapark, Tanoak Resort, Tulip Resort El Galala Hills, Movenpick Resort El Sokhna, Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort, Stella Di Mare Grand Hotel, and Helnan Hotel Ain Al Sokhna. 

Liza And Real Estate Investment in Sokhna

Ain Sokhna Properties
Ain Sokhna Properties

Liza is an online platform that can help you find the perfect property for you in Ain Al Sokhna and many more cities in Egypt, whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent. We are an Egyptian start-up and online platform that specializes in connecting the clients directly with the owners of the property.

Liza is a comprehensive platform that offers hundreds of real estate opportunities and properties of all types, which makes Liza a great tool to help you save money and time. You will find different types of properties such as residential and commercial. Offering you apartments; villas; studios; chalets; townhouses; twin-houses; apartment complexes; and more. It is truly a great tool to help you find the best real estate opportunities that suit your needs. 

In order to find your perfect property, we have equipped Liza with feature filters so you can choose the home features that suit you most to find the property that matches all your needs.

The available features can be filtered by the number of desired rooms; location; level of finishing; date of project termination; price; payment plans and more. 

Liza will also help you stay within the limits of your budget. You will find many opportunities at different prices and payment plans. You can pay the value of the property on Liza in installments over a number of years based on what is most suitable to your needs and current financial condition. 

If you are looking for any real estate opportunity in Egypt, check our blog for more information about investments in The New Capital; New Alamein; and the 5th settlement. 

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