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Soma Bay Apartments, Find the hottest and best apartments in Soma Bay for rent or sale. Own your beach-front property in a serene and beautiful Red Sea resort. The future of coastal Real Estate.

Soma Bay is one of the hottest areas for real estate investment in Egypt nowadays. It is a resort built on the Red Sea coastline, only 20 minutes away from the Hurghada

International airport. Soma Bay’s location is strategic as it has easy access by roads

and planes.

Soma Bay Apartments
Soma Bay Apartments

Soma Bay is built on a peninsula, which means that it is surrounded by beaches and

water from three sides, this is what makes Soma Bay especially unique.

The surface area of Soma Bay is 5 kilometers and reaches more than 2500 acres. The

The resort includes hotels and residential projects. In Liza, we offer many different

residential units in Soma Bay for sale. These projects offer a unique opportunity for

return on your investment.

 Things to do in Soma Bay

Soma Bay Apartments
Soma Bay Apartments

Soma Bay offers a variety of fun & luxurious activities that will make your vacation all

the more exceptional. The resort provides a premium holiday experience for tourists

and Egyptians, it is host to one of the best Spa centers in Egypt and the Middle East.

There is also a center for thalassotherapy, which is the use of seawater to treat pain

and chronic diseases. Soma Bay also offers a fantastic golf center, composed of an

18-hole and par 72 golf course and a golf academy. This facility was designed by the famous designer Gary Player.

The beaches in Soma Bay are splendid and are suitable for all kinds of water sports

as windsurfing, skiing, diving, kitesurfing, and sailing.

Soma Bay Real Estate Investments

Soma Bay is host to five luxury hotels that offer different experiences to

accommodate your interests.

1. Sheraton

2. Robinson Club

3. Kempinski

4. The Cascades

5. The Breakers Diving and surfing lounge

Soma Breeze, Wadi Jebal, Reef Town, and Bay Central projects are all residential

projects in Soma Bay that represent excellent investment opportunities.

Soma Bay Apartments
Soma Bay Apartments

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