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Rehab sale

Specifications of Al Rehab City Cairo

Al-Rehab City is one of the residential neighborhoods of New Cairo, Rehab sale and it is the first integrated city to be established by the private sector in Egypt. The decision or idea of ​​its establishment was with the aim of reducing congestion in the Cairo area, in addition to that, Rehab saleit has become one of the important cities that attract residents thanks to its standard of living The excellent location and its proximity to other distinctive neighborhoods, which attracted many people to search for a Rehab sale to buy residential units in it.

Rehab city area

The city’s total area is about 10,000 acres, and it consists of 10 neighborhoods, each of which has an area of ​​220 acres.

The city also accommodates a total of about 200,000 residents.

It is expected that these numbers will increase with the continuous urbanization and more people who want to live in the city, so many are looking for a Rehab sale.

Rehab sale

Where is Al Rehab City located?

It is located in the east of Cairo, along the Suez Desert Road, close to Heliopolis and Nasr City.

It is entirely produced by Talaat Moustafa Company, which has developed several housing projects. And also cities like Madinaty, as well as Al-Rehab.

Features of Al Rehab City

There is a clear and attractive integration between the green patch of the city, the residential units, and the architectural buildings.

Good infrastructure for the city, including electricity, water, sewage, and gas works. With all the necessary services.

Therefore, it was called the first integrated city established by the private sector.

The city’s height above sea level provides a good climate, especially at night when you can breathe the fresh, fresh air.

The city is far from overcrowding, with the real estate developer considering the need to avoid future crowding problems inside.

It includes the different social classes by providing apartments of different sizes and prices. There are also various private villas for the upper-middle and wealthy classes.

Prices of apartments in Al Rehab City

If you are looking for a residential unit in Al Rehab, whether it is an apartment or a private villa, the prices are as follows:

The average Rehab sale for a residential apartment in Rehab is 14,750 EGP.

The average Rehab sale for villas in Rehab is 23,200 EGP.

Al-Rehab City Services

It includes several mosques for prayer. It has several famous banks and a Western Union branch for money transfers.

Several international schools, such as the British and German Schools and the Othman bin Affan School.

Various medical services in all different medical fields.

An open market with various residents’ supplies, such as maintenance services, groceries, and others.

Commercial malls include restaurants, cafes, shops, children’s amusement parks, and various essential and entertainment services.

How to reach Al Rehab City?

From Nasr City: You can take a microbus from the 10th district parking lot to El Rehab. Or a minibus from Zahraa Nasr City with number 50 or 308.

From Abbasiya: Take the metro heading to the meadow, then get off at Saray El-Kobba station, then take a bus from there to Rehab.

Or you can take minibus number 50 in front of El Demerdash Hospital or near the Abbasiya Bridge.

From Al-Marg: There are many ways to go from Al-Marg to Al-Rehab. The most famous is to ride from Al-Marg to the 10th district, then ride a microbus to Al-Rehab City, Gate 6, or Gate 12.

Or you can reach from El-Marg to Gate 12 in Al-Rehab by private transportation.

Or take bus number 505 from New Marg directly to Rehab. You can also ride for peace, and from there, you can take a ride to continue to Al-Rehab.

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Rehab sale

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