Liza helps you to get properties for sale in new capital Egypt

properties for sale in new capital Egypt

The new capital, also known as The New Administrative Capital in Egypt, is a massive project that will change the face of Cairo as we know. The new capital is a brilliant choice for real estate investors.

The New Capital districts and landmarks.

It is located to the east of Cairo, halfway between Cairo and Suez. The government plans to make the new capital a center for administrative services and financial headquarters. The city is designed to host all the governmental administrations as ministries and different government departments. Foreign embassies will also be transferred to the new capital. 

Egyptian government decided to divide the residential area of the city into 21 residential districts. Along with the main governmental buildings, the city will also host a central park, multiple educational institutes, hospitals, clinics, mosques, churches, hotels, and a stadium.

The city downtown will have the tallest building in Africa, the Iconic tower. It will also host a technology park, a huge solar farm for clean energy, and an international airport. 

The Octagon in The New Capital will be Egypt’s strategic leadership center. It contains the Ministry of Defence’s Headquarters. The Octagon, when finished, will be one of the largest military and administrative complexes in the world. It was built to resemble The Pentagon in the United States of America.

properties for sale in new capital Egypt

Liza and the real estate investment in The New Administrative Capital.

The New Capital is the most critical spot in Egypt nowadays. The government has dedicated huge resources to this project. This makes real estate investment in The New Capital is a rewarding option nowadays. 

All the leading players in real estate in Egypt are making projects there. If you are looking for properties for sale in the new capital, Liza should be your choice.

properties for sale in new capital Egypt

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