New alamein city towers

New alamein city towers
New alamein city towers

New alamein city towers, The new city of El Alamein on the northern coast in Matrouh Governorate is one of the most prominent and ambitious investment projects that the Egyptian government has been implementing. It is expected that this city will accommodate in the coming years more than 3 million people upon the completion of the first phase of its establishment.

Information about the new city of Alamein

The new city of El Alamein is located on the northwest coast of Matrouh Governorate. It extends for 48 kilometers along the Matrouh-Alexandria international road.

Where the Egyptian government built this new city on a very large area of ​​land estimated at about 50,000 acres.

It was divided into several sectors with the aim of serving all residents of this new city.

Many Egyptian companies participated in the construction of this new city, most notably the Urban Communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing.

Orascom, the Arab Contractors Company, the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, and other companies.

The city also has several components that make it among the new cities that the Egyptian government is establishing on the northern coast in particular and in all of Egypt in general.

New alamein city towers
New alamein city towers

New Alamein has a distinct geographical location.

Among the most prominent of these components is its distinguished geographical location, which links it between the largest governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Cairo and Alexandria. And the presence of New Alamein city towers among the landmarks of the city of El Alamein.

The Egyptian government has also been working on building infrastructure projects in the city, which are represented in the networks of water, sewage, electricity, communications, roads, and streets.

In addition, many hospitals, schools, universities, and ports will be established. And other important projects. This is in accordance with modern methods and international quality standards.

The most prominent projects in New Alamein City

The Egyptian government is working on establishing a number of development projects; In order to increase the population attraction to the inside of this new city, which aims primarily to serve its residents and visitors. This is in accordance with the latest technological and technical systems, and the most prominent of these projects are:

  • Establishing a drinking water desalination plant to serve the residents and visitors of the new city, with a production capacity of 100,000 liters per day
  • Orascolia Sewerage Station.
  • New Alamein city towers.
  • The project of laying concrete breakwaters with up to 18 barriers.
  • A project to plant agricultural crops that are compatible with the nature of the place and the soil, such as palm trees, pomegranates, olives, and figs.
  • Also, the coastal road paving project starts from the Sidi Abdel Rahman area and reaches Wadi El Natroun.
  • The construction of the tourist walkway, which is 18 km long.

The most prominent internal divisions of the new city of El Alamein

The thinkers of the establishment of this new city divided it into several divisions. These divisions, in turn, contain many residential, commercial, recreational, service, cultural and educational units, among other services. These divisions are as follows:

The residential sector: This sector contains more than 10,000 housing units with all basic facilities. There is calm and tranquility in this sector, in line with the coastal nature of the place.

Coastal sector: This division of the new city contains many recreational, commercial, cultural, and other places or projects.

The hotel district, the city center, the conference center, the Fanara marina, and the entertainment district are available in this sector. And tourist housing, fairgrounds, and the Gardens of El Alamein neighborhood. A premium residential neighborhood, a cultural center, the Masaken Al Buhaira neighborhood, as well as a private resort.

New alamein city towers
New alamein city towers

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