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Real Estate Application

Real estate has always been a very lucrative industry, where more and more people decide to start investing as a better way to secure one’s money, this is especially seen in Egypt, where the industry is booming and has been booming for a while. But now, ever since the smartphone evolution, real estate mobile apps have become even more prominent, when faced with the difficult decision of deciding which home to invest in. It is also known that buyers of all age groups, all frequently visit real estate platforms to carry out their investment decisions or to even sell their properties, due to the ease and comfort created by using a real estate mobile app.

Investing in a home certainly must be one of the most expensive purchases to take place in a person’s life. Therefore, if you are going to spend millions of Egyptian pounds on a property, you should expect an online service that is reliable and comes with many features, where any information about the property can be easily checked and analyzed in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, providing both buyers and sellers with insights and analytics improves the trust factor between used and Liza’s real estate mobile app. 

Liza’s real estate mobile app is equipped with several features to make every user’s life more simpler when dealing with such intricate technology. 

  1. User Signup/Login

By allowing the user to create an account on Liza’s real estate mobile app, we guarantee that the user’s information is to be stored safely and accurately. This also provides convenience to the users because all of the saved items and listings will be automatically found on the user’s page in addition to any saved activities on the platform.

  1. User Profiles (Sellers and Buyers)

Liza’s real estate mobile app allows for buyers and sellers to set up their account effortlessly. The two accounts differ drastically. For instance, the buyer will be able to easily access various home listings, then see each individual listing in detail once a suitable one is found, save to favorites and even make an inquiry directly to the seller of the property through Liza’s integrated chat systems. 

With regards to the seller user profile, they’ll be able to see their own listings, list of potential buyers, number of listing viewings, advertising retainers and options, and much more. 

  1. Property Listings

Sellers or developers who wish to list their properties through Liza’s real estate mobile app, should do so without any difficulty. If there seems to be a problem with the listings, Liza can send over to you one of the sales consultants to talk you through it and give you a tutorial on how to efficiently create a listing.

  1. Filters and Categories

Liza real estate mobile app comes with a number of advanced search options that help its users filter through the properties more effectively, after inputting your requirements to find the property that suits all of your needs.

  1. Push Notifications

By accepting push notifications from Liza’s real estate mobile app, you can receive all of the latest market trends and project launches instantly, so you can always stay updated with the industry’s patterns. Additionally, if you have specific requirements and wish to wait for a specific unit when it pops up on the market, Liza app can send you a notification notifying you with this update so you can reserve it immediately.

  1. Direct Messaging

If you are a buyer and have finally found your ideal property on Liza’s real estate mobile app. You can instantly get in contact with the seller of the unit to proceed effectively and gather more information before finalizing the deal.

Liza is fully equipped and ready to cater to all of its users’ needs. Visit our website or real estate mobile app, to find the best properties available on the market. Whether you are looking for a primary home or a secondary beach-front home, Liza has got it all! Check us out and get in touch with Liza directly for any further inquiries. 

Liza’s real estate mobile app is a great opportunity for real estate investment in Egypt. We offer special insights and information about the Egyptian real estate market, unlike any other. There are many cities and projects to invest in, such as in The New Capital, The New Alamein City, and El Gouna. Check our real estate mobile app to find more about promising opportunities in these cities and others all over Egypt.

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