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Fayed Rentals, Looking to rent a property in Fayed? Find the perfect apartment for you in Fayed and many different real estate markets around Egypt, now with Liza. 

About Fayed 

Fayed Rentals
Fayed Rentals

Fayed is a city in the governorate of Ismailia in Egypt on the western shore of the Bitter Lake. Fayed is situated about 20 kilometers from Ismailia and 126.7 kilometers away from Cairo. Being less than 2 hours away from Cairo makes Fayed the perfect nearby serene getaway from Cairo, it’s a small and calm town not too far from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

What makes Fayed especially profitable in the real estate market whether for rent or sale, other than its close proximity to the city is its location on the magnificent Bitter Lake, known for its salty and healing water. Properties in Fayed are rapidly increasing over time due to encouragement from the government’s plan to expand residency in cities near Cairo to combat the overpopulation of the city 

The city hosts many top-notch resorts that offer a relaxing experience away from the noise of the city on the shore of the Bitter Lake. In addition, there are many villas, apartments and chalets available for short-term and long-term rent as well as sale. 

The city is also a historical landmark, an essential military spot in WW2. The British Royal Air Forces have built an air force base that is still available for touristic visits until this day, the city also has a war cemetery for the English soldiers who died during the war. 

Fayed is an investment for those looking for return on their investment whether in resale value or renting their apartments as a source of income when not putting the property to use themselves. 

Liza and real estate investment in the North Coast. 

Fayed Rentals
Fayed Rentals

Liza is an online platform that can help you find the perfect property for you in Fayed and many more cities in Egypt, whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent. We are an Egyptian start-up and online platform that specializes in connecting the clients directly with the owners of the property.

Liza is a comprehensive platform that offers hundreds of real estate opportunities and properties of all types, which makes Liza a great tool to help you save money and time.

You will find different types of properties such as residential and commercial. Offering you apartments, villas, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin-houses, apartment complexes, and more. It is truly a great tool to help you find the best real estate opportunities that suit your needs. 

In order to find your perfect property, we have equipped Liza with feature filters so you can choose the home features that suit you most to find the property that matches all your needs.

The available features can be filtered by the number of desired rooms, location, level of finishing, date of project termination, price, payment plans and more. If you are the owner of a property looking to sell or rent it, Liza will help you by placing your ad on our platform for a reasonable subscription fee. 

Liza will also help you stay within your budget. You will find many opportunities at different prices and payment plans. You can pay the value of the property on Liza in installments over a number of years based on what is most suitable to your needs and current financial condition. 

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