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property New Cairo compounds

New Cairo is undoubtedly the hottest subregion in the capital to live in right now. You get to experience luxurious living with all the necessary services surrounding you.

The compounds in New Cairo are abundant and versatile; Liza will help you choose the best options that suit your needs. New Cairo includes several regions, such as Madinaty, Fifth Settlement, and Katameya.

New Cairo is a city that was built as an extension for downtown Cairo. It is a vast city built on about 70 000 acres. It lies in the southeastern end of the Cairo Governorate. New Cairo is only 25 kilometers away from Maadi. The region was first established in the year 2000.

property New Cairo compounds

New Cairo is above sea level by about 300 meters. This makes the weather slightly cooler in the hot summer. 

The total population of New Cairo will soon reach 5 million residents. It is thought that New Cairo has succeeded in its mission to alleviate the congestion and pressure from the old Cairo region.

There are dozens of compounds in New Cairo, as it has been the first area for real estate investment in residential units for quite some time. The compounds in New Cairo are well-planned with all the necessary services and facilities. New Cairo has emerged as a spot for wealthier Egyptians to enjoy luxurious compounds whilst being near all the essential services.

The important roads surrounding New Cairo include The Ring Road, The Suez Road, The Ain Sokhna Road, and more. This area’s convenient location has made transportation from and to the city more accessible and faster.

With regards to public transportation, New Cairo also has a large number of bus lines and bus stations. Not only that, but there is also a monorail line currently under construction in New Cairo. The monorail will connect New Cairo to the suburbs of Nasr City to its west and The New Administrative Capital to its east.

When entering New Cairo city, you will first find the mega mall known as Cairo Festival City. It is a massive shopping and entertainment facility with gardens, a business park, a huge mall, a dancing fountain, a cinema, an arcade, and so much more.

There are also numerous luxurious malls in New Cairo, such as Point 90, Porto Cairo, Emerald Plaza, Park mall, Downtown Katameya, as well as many others.

The demand for real estate in New Cairo has been immense. Thanks to the construction of the New Administrative Capital near New Cairo, the prices of all real estate developments and properties have significantly increased.

The Government is also giving a lot more importance to New Cairo, as many government services have been moved to the city, such as the Traffic Administration offices of Nasr City, in addition to several other governmental facilities, previously located in the older regions of Cairo.

How Can Liza Help Find The Best Compound For You In New Cairo?

property New Cairo compounds

Liza can help you find the best compounds in New Cairo easily. Regardless whether you want to rent or buy a property, Liza has a wide variety for you to choose from. There have been dozens of compounds developed in New Cairo within the last few years, and our job is to make your choice easy and instant.

Liza’s platform offers different types of properties like villas, apartments, studios, townhouses, twin houses, lake houses, and more. These unit types are available in many compounds across New Cairo. Every compound differentiates itself with a specific selling point and advantage that caters to different buyer needs.

The properties we offer at Liza differ in various aspects, which optimizes your search for the ideal property. You will find  feature filters from which you can choose different surface areas, number of rooms, location, standard of surrounding services, date of project termination, price, payment plan, finishing standard, and much more.

There are many price options and payment plans, so you will most certainly find properties that suit your budget. You can also pay the property’s value in installments for up to 10 years with a minimal down payment.

When you find a property that you would like to rent or buy through Liza,  in any of the areas in New Cairo, you can use Liza’s chat service to get in touch with the property owner or the developer. Our chat service is encrypted and allows you to contact the owner in complete privacy without the need for third parties or brokers.

You will not find random calls from brokers to offer you real estate opportunities after obtaining your number from a similar platform. We guarantee you will not receive any uninvited spam WhatsApp messages and emails.

Liza’s primary concern is to maintain its clients’ privacy while improving the efficiency of its processes.

Liza can help you save money as using the Liza platform is entirely free if you wish to rent or buy a property, as opposed to the traditional method used by brokers where a commission is paid with every transaction.

Liza aims to help you save your time while browsing for real estate opportunities. Our platform is comprehensive, and contains all of the up-to-date properties and projects in Egypt. Contacting the owner or the developer directly is a great shortcut that declutters the process and makes the transaction easier and faster.

If you are a real estate developer or a property owner, we can help you market your property on our platform. We will charge you a reasonable fee that is not a direct percentage to the value of your properties. We also provide you the option to control the duration of your ad on our platform. Liza has special offers customized for developers who wish to advertise a number of properties on Liza.

Our main concern at Liza is to ensure our clients’ privacy while maintaining the process’s efficiency and integrity. That’s why Liza has worked hard to earn the ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001 certificates for quality management of systems and online internet security. These certificates ensure that you will receive a secure and efficient service.

Liza can help you explore other real estate opportunities all throughout Egypt. Don’t miss our blog to find out more about The New Alamein, Ain Sokhna, and Gouna real estate options.

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