Apartments for sale in Maadi and Maadi amazing attractions

apartments for sale in Maadi

The Maadi district is one of the old neighborhoods located in the south of Cairo. It is known for the way its streets are planned, and most of the roads are numbered, such as Street 9, which is considered the most famous of Maadi streets. You can also find schools, hospitals, and major companies there, so it is an attractive area for young people and families, and many of them head to search for an apartment for sale in Maadi . Maadi is divided into 3 main areas: Old Maadi, Zahraa Maadi, and New Maadi. In addition to several other areas, Old Maadi is considered the most prestigious area.

apartments for sale in Maadi

Maadi attractions

Prices in Maadi One of the critical pieces of information that you should know is the prices in the Maadi district so that you can calculate your budget to see how it fits or not. Prices in Maadi have changed in the past twelve months with a value of 19% in apartments, as the average requests On housing in the Maadi neighborhood, it reached about 100% for apartments and villas alike. The average price limit in the Maadi neighborhood is about six and a half thousand pounds for apartments and about seventeen thousand pounds for villas. The average price per square meter in some inner Maadi neighborhoods is different, up to two Ten thousand pounds for the apartment, such as Sarayat Maadi, which lies in the heart of old Maadi. It is distinguished by villas and large green spaces and the presence of some embassies of foreign countries there. The New Maadi area is located between Lasilki Square and Autostrad Street and includes Saqr Quraish, and there is also housing. For the Kuwaiti company, it is also worth noting that the housing levels in the Maadi neighborhood are diverse. This is the Lasikli area where housing is above average, and the Saqr Quraish plateau has average housing. As for the second area, they provide economical housing. 

apartments for sale in Maadi

Liza and apartments for sale in Maadi.

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